Adventure RV Rental
Chester County, Pennsylvania (Between Philadelphia and Lancaster)
Family Owned RV Rental 
Why Rent?
Can we save money by renting a motor home?" Short answer: Yes. It often means greater convenience, greater comfort and often great savings! Obviously, you'll have no need for hotel expenses, and you save the cost of everyone's plane tickets. You'll save on renting a car because, obviously, you're in the motor home...these are the savings you might expect and they're savings often enough to fully justify your motor coach rental!

Other economies come from enjoying your meals in the coach kitchen...just consider four glasses of orange juice from a $3 half gallon versus $12 for four glasses at a hotel restaurant. And you'll certainly appreciate the convenience of taking rest stops whenever your or the kids feel the "need", and having all the nice clean comforts of home with you.

Convenience: Once you've placed your clothes away, you won't have to pack and unpack again until your trip "bag drag" as frequent travelers call it, and no miserable airport hassle! No airline fuel surcharges, $20 window seats, security lines and all that unbearable misery! And there's more room in this luxury motor home than you'll find in all but the larger hotel'll be so comfortable!  You will have plenty of storage inside and outside the coach so there is no need to leave anything behind.

Like other private owners renting their motor homes, we don't begin to make money doing it, but rather let the coach earn just a bit towards the significant upkeep such an investment requires. There's no doubt that if you are only using an RV for twelve weeks or less each year, it is far, far less expensive to rent than to own! Industry studies detail a typical 43% savings over air travel or rental cars and hotels!

Why rent a motor home from us instead of a commercial dealership? Easy...its our coach! It is filled with the quality items our family enjoys on travels throughout America, giving you much more enjoyment and a sense of this being your home on wheels as well.  The coach has many more amenities than most rental and it really will begin to feel like home. We rent for only a few weeks a year so the motor coach is actually quite unused. Most commercial rental agencies specialize in the cramped, well-worn and much less-comfortable boxy "Class C" RVs, which look like a little converted van and feel pretty much like an economy motel...the one you didn't want to take the family to!  The commercial renters usually have no kitchenware, no televisions, cramped facilities, a bouncy ride in a noisy little coach with their company name painted big and bold all over the outside and commercial graphics get the idea. How much nicer to be in our luxury Winnebago motor home!

We will make your visit much more like a stay in a vacation home on wheels as opposed to the cramped "economy motel" feel of the commercial RV rental agencies or car travel and motels.

There are great places to visit in an RV.  Here are just a few of the great places within 500 miles  you can visit:

-Lancaster County, PA
-Hershey, PA
-Finger Lake Region, NY
-Niagara Falls, Canada
-Myrtle Beach
-Virginia Beach
-Pocono Moutains
-Skyline Drive, VA
-Washington, DC
-New England
-Williamsburg, VA

My family and I have been to most of these places and can help you plan your trip.

If you have not stayed in a campground in a while you will be surprised at what you find.  There are many options from quiet State and Federal parks to resort style campgrounds with swimming pools, activities, entertainment and more.  It is worth a look to see what is out there depending on your needs. 

Still Need an Excuse to Rent an RV?
Excuses to rent a motor home can include Penn State football games, weddings, music festivals, family reunions, hunting trips, extra housing for guests...hundreds of great reasons. Plus...the joy of being on the road in a comfortable motorhome with all the amenities of home.

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